Research at the University of Science and Technology Innovation Incubation Center Hiromitsu set way
  The Republic of China on November 13 101 set by the Executive Council
Article Hungkuang University (hereinafter referred to as the school) for the integration of school resources, with the goal of school and government policies and industrial development of knowledge economy development programs, the construction of small and medium sized manufacturers good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, to assist the transformation and upgrading of small and medium firms, according to school organization regulations tenth Article X provides settings "Hungkuang University research department innovation Incubation Center (hereinafter referred to as the center) is set way."
The second major task of this center are as follows:
An efficient use of school resources to support innovation task-oriented small and medium firms to develop.
Second, the construction of perfect nurturing environment, and promote school-Industry Cooperation flourish.
Third, the school encourages technology transfer research results to assist in the commercialization of technology import.
Fourth, to expand the level of service industry cooperation to create a diversified service results.
Fifth, the integration of industry and service resources, and common efforts to enhance the international competitiveness of the regional industry.
Six, provide students with internship sites, increasing employment opportunities for students.
Article III, director of the center set of business and technical project manager and project manager for each one, director of the Center comprehensive business management center, full-time associate professor at the school by the principal to hire more part-time teacher of; technical project manager and business project manager hired by the principal internal and external professionals as it is responsible for assisting the Executive Director of the Center the following businesses:
A responsible stationed required hardware and software vendors to provide equipment, space allocation, personnel deployment, and government agencies to provide grant funding information, government agencies plan to assist applicants.
Second, the coordination required to find appropriate vendors offering courses or professors introduce appropriate vendor stationed play Professor consultants or other matters related to cooperation.
Third, to promote the business of the centers, to attract small and medium manufacturers stationed stationed manufacturers regularly organized an exhibition of achievements and investment briefings.
Fourth, the management of the center and entered the manufacturers and the current balance of the co-funded schools.
Article IV of the counseling center set up expert consultant group, chaired by the school teachers and school professionals who provide consulting and solutions of various professional and practice.
Article V of the center of the required funding, primarily for manufacturers with models, Center since fundraising and government grants project plan, and the principle of self-sufficiency.
Article VI of this approach is subject to the school by the Executive Council after being submitted to the Ministry of Education to implement the nuclear equipment, any amendments thereto.
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