Laws and regulations

Application Procedures and programs stationed
* Eligibility: Where in the territory of the Republic of China in line with recognized standards of small manufacturers or finished with its innovative technology and has a prototype, are eligible to apply.
* Applications should be prepared documents:
1. Company registration certificate or business registration certificates and profit-seeking enterprise registration certificate photocopy
2. Innovation Incubation Center stationed in small firms application form, the format as an attachment
3. small firms operating plan, such as the format in Annex II
4. Statement agreed to review the format as Annex III
5. small manufacturers Hungkuang University professor MOU with the format in Annex IV
* Application Procedures
First, Innovation and Incubation Centre to review operations, vendors stationed in the application review work by the Center for Innovation and Incubation
        Either proceed.
Second, the review should prepare files
1. Application
2. Operations Plan
Third, review project
1, stationed qualifications
2, the main innovation and economic benefits of the technology or product
3, operating plans and feasibility plasticity
4, team members operating ambition to invest time and chance of success
5, the next 2 to 3 years of financial assessment
6, the special case of the comprehensive assessment of the needs of the application
Fourth, the results of the review within seven days after the completion of the trial of a written reply.
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